Create the fourth dimension — measurement of value of packaging

How and why we created the fourth dimension

Details follow in our video featuring the founder of modern "Gotek", Vladimir Chuikov, the ideologist behind the company's development.

Have you ever wondered when seeing great packaging:
"Why is this solution not used in our company?"

The key is in the approach

The conventional approach "Design specification - Implementation" is no longer so effective in the rapidly changing markets: accelerated production of new products, diversification, changing retail formats and logistics standards, etc. As a consequence, the packaging design process has also been impacted by this dynamic transformation.

Collaboration between the customer and the packaging

manufacturer is the cornerstone of our approach. This format of interaction helps in better understanding your tasks and quickly developing new solutions. To make them say: "Why on earth are we not using this?" about your packaging.

Few words on 4D Lab

4D Lab it is not just a collection of tools and techniques. It is also a creative space, both real and virtual, that provides for open collaboration with customers to jointly find solutions to problems related to packaging. No unnecessary stress and waste of time. Working among professionals. The ambience and instrumentation reveal the potential of each participant, allowing to generate novel unorthodox ideas.

Three out of four participants in the sessions held at the company's R&D centers admitted that the result exceeded their initial expectations.

Our goal is exceeding customer expectations. Achieving this goal means we maximize the added value of the packaging for the client throughout all the key lifecycle phases:

Packaging design

Modern market conditions stress the need to constantly surprise. For this reason, bringing new products to the market and updating existing assortment is key. Time is becoming the vital resource.

One of our clients was going through brand repositioning and packaging redesign. In parallel, it was necessary to solve several problems simultaneously: to reduce the volume of investments into the transport boxes, to make the product visible to the customer and, most importantly, to differentiate from the competitor. The time to find a solution was limited, since the terms of delivery of the updated product to retail had already been agreed.

To solve the problem quickly, we combined two frameworks in one space: the client's concept and the supplier's tools and methods. In a single working session, a prototype was born and developed into the final delivered solution within three days. This exceeded the client's expectations in terms of development downtime.

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Packaging logistics

Active business growth is a goal for every manager. However, difficult to foresee limitations may arise along with growth. One of these, e.g., a deficit in storage or production space.

Some of our customers are facing limited packaging storage space due to increased volume of production and product mix. Our experience in solving this problem includes, primarily, optimization of the existing design and composition of the materials used, changing the profile of corrugated board and the use of certain design features, which in some cases provided for increasing the efficiency per unit of warehouse space up to 30%.

When optimization is not possible, we offer "just in time" or "on demand" packaging storage and delivery services. Using deeper integration with the customer we are ready to upgrade to full packaging stock management services. We ensure uninterrupted supplies - you enjoy the free space and reduced storage costs.

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Packaging in production process

Productivity is in many ways a determining factor in a company's success. Analysis of the packaging process in production helps to find ways for significant improvement.

Many of our customers had to pre-assemble the transport boxes in a separate room to ensure the lines productivity. This required personnel, spaces, which led to additional costs. Therefore, it was important to reduce the box assembly time so that it was assembled directly on the line. Jointly with the client, observations and short interviews were carried out, following which we proceeded to design in 4D Lab environment. Solutions to avoid unnecessary operations have been developed in 90% of cases.

The proposed methods are applicable to industries where automatic lines are already used. Small design changes serve to increase the efficiency of not just the packaging, but the whole process overall. This is especially true if you are only beginning to consider automating the packaging process. We possess extensive experience in running joint projects with our customers, using the expertise of the equipment suppliers.

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Packaging in supply chain

Sometimes the assortment of transport packaging is comparable to the assortment of products. This is a consequence of retailers' requirements for the types and size of supplies.

In our experience, assortment expansion often made transport boxes inefficient from a logistics point of view. Fill of the pallet area was low, the stack was unstable, and the packaging itself was expensive. Hence the suboptimal loading of vehicles and the loss of products during customer delivery. In this case, we analyze the logistics processes and combinations of shipments, followed by modeling the optimal packaging parameters. The best result achieved - the range of products was reduced threefold, all boxes are standardized in terms of base area and height, which provides for forming stable transport packages regardless of the pallet fill. The probability of product loss is thereby minimized.

It is essential to carry out real-life trials to ensure this. We launched an ISTA-standard logistics Lab where we will simulate realistic operating conditions. This will save you time and offer confidence in the reliability of the packaging even before it arrives at the warehouse.

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Packaging in retail

Retail is a sales engine and packaging can help you present your product more favorably on the sales floor.

It is important to remember, that every product or even entire product categories, especially those sold by weight or in immediate container packaging, attract the customer’s attention on the shelf. This, in particular, applies to products on flat cardboard and thin trays, which are frequently placed on the shelf the same way as transported - horizontally. Our design engineers have developed Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) for horizontal transportation, where the goods are placed on the shelf vertically facing the customer, and the front of the show box is guaranteed to look neat in appearance.

We follow the development of retail to create solutions that set the standard for display in some product categories. Our portfolio includes SRP / RRP solutions, including fixtures for organizing additional points of sale, solutions for delivering orders from online stores, postal items, as well as other types of consumer and group packaging made of flat cardboard, paper pulp, polymers.

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Best-selling packaging solutions

SRP box for products on flat cardboard and thin trays

A solution for storing, transporting and displaying sliced food products packed on flat cardboard and thin trays.

  • Products are stacked and transported horizontally
  • Attractive vertical layout
  • The front of the show box always appears neat
Solution presentation

SRP box for products in stand-up pouches/doy-packs

Design is optimized for use during transportation and shelf packaging for products packed in doy-bags.

  • Material consumption reduced by 17%
  • Assembly output increased 1.5 times
  • Fast and neat layout
Solution presentation

SRP box for sliced food with tilting stand

The solution is specially designed for the transportation and display of sliced food in flat flexible packaging.

  • Provides excellent product visibility on the shelf - even the last pack of product is visible to the customer, taking advantage of the inclined arrangement inside the show box
Solution presentation

Modular solutions like "Prepack" for the organization of additional points of sale

Modular designs that allow you to vary the assortment and the investment rate of products during promo activities.

  • Simple assembly and installation
  • Takes up little space in the trading area (1/8 of the pallet size)
  • Completely ready for placement in the trading area
Solution presentation

Packaging solutions for e-commerce and logistics companies

Solutions designed to protect shipments from theft and damage during delivery.

  • Design features that increase the strength of the package
  • Design for closing flaps and quickly opening the parcel
  • Print of any level of complexity on the outer and inner surfaces of the box
Solution presentation

Complex packaging solutions for fruit and vegetables

Transport and consumer packaging from corrugated cardboard with printing of any degree of complexity

  • Effective communication of brand values
  • Differentiation on the shelf
  • Safe transportation and product storage
Solution presentation

Packaging solutions for chicken eggs

SRP solutions and corrugated consumer packaging.

  • Colorful cardboard solutions for higher price segments with various types of printing (offset, HQ flexo, digital)
  • Various SRP solutions optimized for quantum, parameters of contents and packaging lifecycle
Solution presentation

This is just a small part of our developments.

We value the results of our work, therefore, regretfully we cannot publicly showcase all the developments of our R&D experts. Solutions are available for almost any product category and sales channel. Depending on your needs, we will adapt the existing or develop new packaging specifically tailored to your business.

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We are Gotek

A company rich in history with truly cutting-edge business strategies.

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We are Gotek

We design and manufacture various types of packaging: corrugated, flat and laminated slim cardboard packaging, flexible packaging materials. The printing equipment inventory includes flexographic, offset and digital machines.

Practically all of the Group’s enterprises are in the top 5 in their target markets.

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We are Gotek

The production sites of the Gotek Group are located in the Kursk, Tula and Leningrad regions. The Management Company and the 4D Lab R&D Center are located in Moscow.

Today Group’s workforce numbers approximately 2.200 employees.

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We are Gotek

The company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018. Gotek began its history as the former Zheleznogorsk Factory of Corrugated Packaging and Labels.

50 years of operation had seen the production of 7.7 billion square meters of corrugated cardboard.

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We are Gotek

Our developments are recognized as the best not only in domestic, but also in international and world competitions for the best packaging.

The company has collected over 40 awards in its portfolio.

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