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Stage 1

Packaging design

Functional packaging solutions without lengthy approvals

We have developed a new teamwork format, where the entire journey from sketching an idea to its implementation into a finished packaging solution takes from 1 to 5 days, regardless of the types of packaging and product segments. After proving its effectiveness, we offer you to learn more and discover it for yourself:

Stage 2

Packaging logistics

More than just "standard service"

We generally approach these tasks consistently. Our additional service package includes a bundle of several services, which are linked, among other things, to the level of trust and integration between our companies. At this stage, the following services are available:

Stage 3

Packaging in production

Packaging solutions that are easily integrated into the production process

Regardless of what tasks you face, manual or packaging processes used in your company, our experience of completed projects proves the universal validity of the proposed approach:

Stage 4

Packaging in supply chain

‘’Protective’’ packaging to optimize the logistics of the packaged product

We pay special attention to this stage, because it is more susceptible to changes than others, from weather conditions to the quality of the road surfaces. To ensure that the packaging will withstand all the stress and constraints with sufficient material requirements, we offer:

Stage 5

Packaging in retail

Solutions that evolve with retail

The omnichannel retail model requires new packaging solutions to meet the evolving needs of modern sales channels. That being said, the key functions remain unchanged: to preserve the product and attract the customers attention.